Camouflage Stain
Two Channel Video Installation, 2015/6
Project page powerintheland.co.uk

My first visual encounter with Wylfa was on a cold windy day, with the sun struggling to register, this grand buzzing piece of utilitarian architecture. This structure though was different to the unforgiving cold-war brutalism thoughts we associate with power stations; this was soft, mellowed within, and sympathetic to Wylfa Head’s coastal surroundings. The individual buildings painted an array of natural colours echoing the nearby lichen-covered rocks.


Under The Glaze Of Hot Press Blue
Two Channel Video Installation

This piece was specially created for 'Shell' an exhibition shown at the Old Spode Factory, 2015. Two videos were projected on to canvas covered stillages, stillages that were used when the factory was in use.


Butterfly Effect
Video and Sculptural Installation

This was a collaborative installation working alongside sculptor Em Milner, exhibited at firstsite (Colchester, Essex, England).


Ever Drifting In Uncertainty
Video Installation

Piece created for the group exhibition 'Kast Et Blik, Kunst@Pakhuset, Ikast, Denmark.


Altering The Meandering Existence
Sound Commission

The ICA commissioned me to create a sound piece in reflection to Bruce Naumans installation 'Days'


Two Måner
Video and Sculptural Installation

‘Two Måner’ is a product of a cooperative art project between two people, two artists - from two different countries, using two different languages, and mixing two different artistic mediums.

The work has been centred around an 8th century Chinese poem ‘Drinking Alone with the Moon’, a poem set within the natural environment deals with desperation, loneliness, hope, and the need of companionship.It was a poem I regularly mentioned to Steph, it was one we both understood, so felt it was a perfect basis for this piece.

Stephanie Donsø, Danish national, graduated from Colchester School of Art in 2002. Stephanie creates personal, emotive natural sculptures and paintings. Her work is often exhibited within Copenhagen’s and Denmark’ popular contemporary art scene. Also curated exhibitions throughout Copenhagen.

Re:place Residency
Video Residency,
Level Centre, Rowsley, Derbyshire

The Re:place residency was organised by David Gilbert; over a five day period, five video artists were invited to create work at The Level Centre in Derbyshire. Bordering the Peak District it was hard to escape the surrounding natural beauty, before arriving to this residency my work had been looking at repetition. The shortness of this residency proppelled me to instead of generating repetition but look at the existence of repetition within the natural landscape.

I journeyed to a dense pine forest and through movement I recorded the repetitious beauty of the trees to speak.
Journey To The Podium
Video Sound Commission
Essex County Council and Essex 2012 Legacy

This was a very intriquing and unique commission. Much work was being done by artists up and down the country for the 'cultural Olympiad', and in Essex it was no different. Artist Elaine Tribley had the idea of teaming up local artists with local olympic athletes to create art works relating to the athlete. I was in the first selection of artistsand was paired up with Chloe Rogers, member of the GB hockey team.
Video Installation and Residency

This piece was created at the end of a month residency in the Benham Gallery at Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester.

During the residency I explored the movement and sound of people walking, to do so I constructed a 6m long catwalk, this construction was rotated 90˚ to act as a screen.
15days15 Artists 15 Days artists space 005 small
15 Days - 15 Artists
One Day Firstsite Residency

"For many artists the development of their practice takes place in a relatively autonomous way, with them operating indepently from their studio or home. Even those based within studio groups or supportive networks can be somewhat alone with their work. As such, critical feedback, opportunities for discussion can help artists to push their practices into new directions. A residency is one such example of an experience made valuable through the new and different. On the whole residencies involve artists working for an extended period of time away from their studio, in a significantly different context. This was the case in 15 artists, 15 days for all but duration. Each artist undertook a residency that lasted a single day......Tim Skinner aimed to produce a new film, completely from scratch, within the timescale - tightly planning the stages of filming, editing, post-production and screening" Laura Earley - Curator