Llosgi Gwynt | Burning Wind
Residency, 2013 + 2015;
Artist in Residence at Aberystwyth Arts Centre; Spring 2013
Project continuation Aberystwyth Arts Centre; 2015
Supported by Arts Council Wales

This project focuses on two opposing sources of energies which play an important role within the past heritage and future heritage of the Welsh landscape; wind turbines and coal mines. They juxtapose; old and new, white and black, passive and non-passive, renewable and non-renewable; above all of this, one thing which sang out the most whilst engaging the public was the dynamic social discourses both energy sources were generating.

Llosgi Gwynt | Burning Wind
Installation, 2014
Exhibition: ‘I Like This Place and am Willing To Spend Time Here…’
Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Curated by Eve Ropek

In 2014 I was invited back to exhibited a more finalised version of Llosgi Gwynt, in the main gallery in Aberystwyth Arts Centre. The piece consists of projected moving image on two coal covered canvases.