Fallen (Seasonal Sound of Senescence)
Residency + Exhibition, 2010-11;
working alongside plant scientists Ron Fryer and Margerret Sommerville at CADE (Centre for the Art and Design in the Environment), Writtle Horticultural College, Chelmsford, Essex
supported by Arts Council England and Firstsite

Original press release

New Visual Approach to Leaf Fall

Over the past six months, international video artist Tim Skinner has been collaborating with plant scientists Ron Fryer and Margaret Sommerville at Writtle College. The work supported by CADE (Centre for the Arts and Design in the Environment) explores visual and audio dimensions plant senescence (ageing resulting in leaf fall). His work has also engaged both art and science students, and now will allow the public the chance to experienece his unique brand of video art, in a one month long exhibition shown at Writtle College.

Skinner has adapted the complex scientific understanding of Autmns swansong, into a poetic ephemeral visual portrayal, bringing science and art together. The exhibition will be split across the campus, one piece will be site specific, exhibited within the science building, whilst the main bulk of the work will be centred in the hub.

Fallen Exhibition Poster