Digital Exploration

Since 2011 I have been delving aesthetically into texture within digital video, approaching the computer the same way I would approach a canvas with brushes in hand. Painters have shaped much of our understanding towards; colour, form, mark-making, emotion and self-expression; though you might be laughed out if you suggest digital video could echo the same nuances, an age old argument between what is man-made to that of nature (or is the man-made nature anyway, aren't we a product of nature).

"Tim brings this examination in to the discourse of contemporary visual culture, which, today, is largely experienced as digital images. As the role of art in society becomes broader, so does the role of technology in art." Jen Loffman

Over the years I have created a huge amount of work, so this page is devoted to my video sketch book. Most of the images on this page will be of stills from video, I'm going to make it very random so enjoy, explore and see if you can tell which are the earlier works.