Cross Mentoring Scheme: Outside 2010
Collaborative curatorial mentoring project; with Linda Theophilus
supported by Firstsite, Cuckoo Farm Studios and Essex County Council

Firstsite created a learning resource PDF for this project,

‘The beauty throughout this project was a mutual visual understanding, and the willingness to impart knowledge.’
Although of different generations, Tim Skinner and Linda Theophilus have both significantly developed their artistic careers over the past decade. Tim, who is in his late twenties, now works as an international new media artist. He is also keen to further his work as a curator. Linda is an experienced freelance curator who retrained as an artist in her fifties. Recognising each others’ skills, they decided to share their different experiences as a way to further their professional development in a unique cross-mentoring relationship.
Tim and Linda began their cross-mentoring project in January 2009, centering it upon organising and curating the annual ‘Outside’ exhibition held every summer in the grounds of Cuckoo Farm Studios, where Tim and Linda are both tenants.
Tim and Linda jointly applied for funding from Essex County Council (unsuccessful) and Arts Council England, from whom they received a ‘Grants for the Arts’ award of £5,000.

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