Altering The Meandering Existence
Sound Piece, 2012;
commissioned by the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) for Soundworks Exhibition
ICA, London. Nominated by Firstsite

This commission gave me the chance to return back to sound, use it as a pure medium; a chance to adapt my current video practices. Recent video work has been embracing the natural organic repetitious beauty of the impressionist movement, examining video as textural expressive medium. With this sound piece I wanted to embrace a practice which was prevalent during the late 19th century, the field study, going out on a daily basis, to the same area, studying the surroundings.
The piece consists of seven one minute vignettes, all from 7x seven-minute recordings made over a single week in March, along a river in the Essex countryside. Starting on Monday 26th March at exactly 9:00am, finishing at 15:07 on the Sunday. Each of the seven minute recordings were condensed into one, layering each minute on top of each other.
Within Bruce Naumen’s ‘Days’ through words he jumps from Tuesday to Sunday with ease, within my video work I’m constantly changing speed settings also with ease; both manipulate the passage of time like a meandering river.